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The advantages of a steel frame shed
The advantages of a steel frame shed Image

There are many different materials that you can choose from for your kitset shed. Each have their own pros and cons. At Sheds Direct, we think that using a steel frame shed offers the most advantages compared to other framing types. Because of this, all of our sheds use steel framing.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the advantages of a steel frame shed to help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

Advantages of a steel frame shed

Choosing a steel frame shed gives you many advantages that are ideal if you want a durable shed that will continue to work for you. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a steel frame shed:

  • Resistance to the elements. Steel sheds that are properly assembled won’t leak and also keep out the wind. Steel is also fireproof and won’t burn if there is a fire nearby. The resistance to the elements means that limited moisture is let in so your contents stay safe.
  • Pests can’t burrow in. One of the primary advantages that steel has over wood sheds is that pests can’t burrow inside the material. Borer and termites can eat away at wood, and it’s also a popular material for birds to nest. These pests can’t get into the metal to damage it, which also helps makes it less likely for bugs and other pests to get inside.
  • Extra security. Steel is extremely tough. It’s hard to break into and hard to knock down. This security helps keep your contents protected both from intruders and severe weather, as a well-built steel shed won’t break down easily.
  • Durable with minimum maintenance. Some shed materials require regular treatments and maintenance to stay stable and in good condition. Steel frame sheds require very little maintenance, and a quick hose down every once in a while is often all it needs.
  • Best warranties. While warranties will depend on the specific company you choose, most companies offer the best warranties on steel frame sheds. This is because steel framing is the longest lasting, and with minimal maintenance, it can be guaranteed with confidence. All of our sheds at Sheds Direct include a 50-year warranty on steel framing because we’re confident it will last.

Steel shed terms

Be careful when looking at kitset sheds because the wording from some companies can be tricky. Prices for kitset sheds in NZ tend to start around $20,000 for a small garage and go upwards from there. If you’re shopping around, you. might come across companies advertising steel sheds for significantly lower, like $5000.

At this price point, the sheds won’t be fully steel (unless they’re a very small garden shed) but may use phrases like “steel-reinforced” or “constructed from steel”. These give the impression that you’re getting a true steel kitset shed when it may only be used in a small portion of the design.

At Sheds Direct, all of our sheds are true steel kitset sheds. Sheds Direct uses locally sourced and manufactured superior quality products. With around 40% more steel in our sheds than other providers whose product might “look” similar, you are assured of both Strength and Quality. Get in touch with us to find out more or get a free quote including design by clicking the Quote button at the top or bottom of the page.

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How long do steel sheds last?
How long do steel sheds last? Image

There are many kinds of materials you can use to build your shed. Timber, resin, and aluminium are all materials to choose from. However, at Sheds Direct, we think the best option for durable, long-term use is steel sheds. We focus exclusively on steel kitset sheds because of their versatility and durability. But how long do steel sheds last? And what factors can affect their lifespan? We cover a few things to keep in mind when choosing the material for your shed. 

Steel framing for sheds

As the bones of your shed, the framing is extremely important. If the framing falls apart, so will the entire shed. It’s essential to choose framing that will last. 

Wood-framed sheds are prone to rotting, especially if the wood isn’t treated properly. Insects can also get into the wood and make nests directly in the material, which can significantly reduce the lifespan of the framing if left untreated. 

Steel framing has no risk of rot and has extreme durability against the wind. A well-built steel-framed shed isn’t going anywhere except in the most extreme conditions. Steel doesn’t bend easily and is also resistant to heat beyond the temperatures we ever see in NZ. Water can be a potential problem because of rust but additives can make it so that rust is practically a non-issue in most situations. 

All of these advantages mean that the steel framing of a well-built shed can last upwards of 50 years. 

Steel paneling and walls

While the framing is the most essential component of the shed, walls and paneling also need to be long-lasting. One benefit of using steel is that components can be cut precisely for a perfect fit. They can also be built in any weather without any changes from warping. Steel also provides superior protection from the elements so wind and water won’t leak through. 

Steel keeps up rather well with minimal maintenance as well. This helps them to last a long time without having to do regular upkeep. Occasional hosing down and cleaning out gutters (if you design has them) is about all they need to last for many years. 

Steel sheds are stable and secure

One reason steel sheds last so long is that they are more secure than other types of sheds. Breaking through the walls is challenging for both weather and intruders so your contents will stay safe. 

Fire isn’t as much of an issue for steel sheds either. Steel has a very high melting point and is non-combustible, so it won’t catch fire from external sources. The toughness of steel also means it can withstand higher forces like debris from windstorms without taking critical damage. 

Steel shed guarantees

Because steel lasts long and works in so many different environments, most shed suppliers offer a long-lasting warranty for steel framing. It’s not uncommon to have a warranty of 25 or 30 years for the framing. 

Here at Sheds Direct, we’re confident that our steel sheds will continue to last because our sheds use 40% more steel than some other suppliers. That’s why we offer a 50-year structural warranty on steel framing. All our colorsteel sheds also come with a 15-year warranty so that you can be confident that your shed will last and continue to look great. Take a look at our article Prices for Kitset Sheds in NZ for approximate pricing or click the “Get a Quote” button at the top or bottom of the page 

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Different Kinds of NZ Sheds
Different Kinds of NZ Sheds Image

There are many different kinds of sheds in NZ. Sheds can be made from different materials such as steel, wood/plastic composite, and timber. They also come in many styles like pole sheds and Australian barn style. 

At Sheds Direct, we’ve chosen to focus exclusively on steel sheds as we believe they are the most versatile and longest-lasting. While our sheds come in a few primary designs, they can be adapted to fit almost any situation. 

Our kitset sheds work for rural, residential, and industrial applications–and probably have more uses too. Take a look at some of the examples for using the different kinds of NZ sheds.

Rural sheds

It’s no secret that farming is a huge industry in NZ. Whether you have a farm or simply live a rural lifestyle, a kitset shed may be an excellent item to complement your activities.

Here are some ideas for how to use a kitset shed for rural properties

Dairy Sheds

A kitset shed is an excellent way to protect you farm animals and equipment. These can be built to accommodate any size operation including space for both equipment and cows. Dairy sheds are a safe and secure way to keep your dairy operation going smooth.

Machinery and Storage sheds

Some rural equipment can be quite large and bulky so it’s helpful to have a durable place to it. Storage sheds can be kept tightly locked with roller doors with slots for locks. Or if accessibility is more important, machinery sheds have the option for an open bay on one side for quick and easy access to important equipment.

Horse Stables and Wintering Sheds

Kitset sheds have a lot of different uses for a farm. For example, they can be built as a horse stable, with design options for both enclosed stables and open front stables.

Kitset sheds also make excellent Wintering Sheds. Farm animals can make use of them doing the cool time of the year and you can store equipment in them when it’s warm out.


There are a couple of different options for barns for kitset sheds in NZ that are a great choice for rural use. Heritage barns are in the American style and have options for different colours and door types. If you prefer an Australian style barn kitsets work well for those too. Hay barns are another option with open bays for quick access.


Kitset sheds in NZ are also suitable for residential use. Here are a few ideas for using a shed at a residential property.

Extra Storage

If you need extra storage or want some items stored away from the main dwelling, putting up a durable kitset shed is a good solution. Sizes range from a small utility shed to large, multi-door garages that can fit recreational vehicles like campervans.


Sleepouts help you have extra living spaces for when friends and family come to visit; or if you need a workspace away from the house. Many sleepouts can now be built without council consent as long as certain conditions are met (no cooking units for example).


Carports can be added on to some shed styles to add protection for your car. They can be attached to a storage unit for instance that has tools and equipment. Fully enclosed garages are another option for vehicles.


Some kitset sheds can help with your business and commercial operations a too. Here are some examples for using a kitset shed in a commercial setting.

Storage Units and Workshops

Storage Units can be one large building or multiple smaller units with individual bays depending on your preference and plans for usage. For the individual option there are divider doors and security features to keep them separate and private.

Aircraft Hangers

As a big investment, it’s important to have a safe and functional place to store your small aircraft. A kitset shed can be designed specifically for this purpose with lengths of up to 24 metres so you can have plenty of room to manoeuvre your craft.

Many more options

Along with the options listed here there are many other ways to use the different kinds of sheds in NZ. At Sheds Direct, our kitset sheds are made from high-quality NZ steel. They also come with a 50-year structural framing warranty and a 15-year warranty on ColorSteel.

We can also help you with design and layout for your project as part of our free quote. To find out more to get your quote, call or contact us today.

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3 Benefits of Kitset Sheds
3 Benefits of Kitset Sheds Image

Kit set sheds are a popular option in New Zealand, and can have many different uses. If you’re looking to add a shed to your property you’ll often have the option to have it fully built or kit set shed. Most Steel Sheds are Kit Set Sheds these days and whether you buy your Sheds direct from a manufacturer or Factory, or from a builder there are still a number of benefits for choosing a kit set option.

So what are some benefits of kit set sheds and are they right for you?

Kit set Sheds defined

The simple definition of a kit set shed is that it’s a set of pieces with everything you need to put it together, based on a pre-designed plan. A complete kit will include all components and step-by-step instructions. Some may require you to get your own fasteners, but a good instruction guide will make that clear upfront and let you know exactly what you need.

Depending on the size and location of the shed, you may have the option to build it yourself. Or you may be required to have a licensed building practioner to put it together for you. Because a builder will have the experience and the right tools on hand, this is a good choice if you want the build to go smoothly.

1. Building without a permit

Recent changes to legislation have expanded the options for building and in some cases may eliminate the need for a permit. Single-storey structures up to 30 m2 can be built without a permit. So this covers a large portion of kit set sheds.

Having no permit means the process will be quicker, so you also won’t need council approval to build or oversee the progress.

There are still certain conditions, however, where a permit is required regardless of the size. An example of this is when the shed will need electricity. The structure needs a permit and all electrical work must be done and signed off by a registered electrician. The same goes for plumbing work; a permit is required and a licensed plumber must do all the plumbing work.

For a full run-down of building requirements and exemptions, see this Building consent exemptions FAQ from building.govt.nz.

2. Many different uses for Kit set Sheds

Kitset sheds can be used for practically anything you can think of. Some common uses are:

Kit set shed materials

Kitset sheds come in many different materials such as wood or metal. Wooden sheds tend to be less expensive than metals like steel. But, aluminum and steel sheds tend to last much longer and be more resistant to the elements.

3. Easy to build and affordable

One of the main benefits of kit set sheds is that they are easy to put together without needing specialised tools. Many smaller sheds–and even some of the larger ones–can be put together without special equipment. Guides are straightforward and easy to follow making construction quick.

Since you put together the shed yourself, they tend to be significantly more affordable than pre-built sheds. With these savings you can opt for a high-quality steel shed–or maybe get more than one!

Kit set Sheds Direct

At Sheds Direct, we focus on steel-framed sheds designed exclusively for the New Zealand market. We’ve found that these sheds are versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects from rural to industrial use.

We offer free quotes and designs so we can do our best to ensure our pricing won’t be beaten. All of our steel framing comes with a 30-year warranty and we can offer engineered drawings for your local council if consent is needed. So get in touch with us today and get a free quote and design for your steel kit set shed.

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Kitset Shed Prices in NZ
Kitset Shed Prices in NZ Image

Kitset Shed Prices will depend on the size, materials used, and quality of the finished product. Kitset shed Prices can range from as little as $30000 right up to over $500,000+.

At Sheds Direct, we offer highly-customisable kitset sheds made in New Zealand, from quality NZ Steel, that can be built for practically any purpose. While this makes them extremely versatile, it also makes it nearly impossible to give accurate pricing without knowing more about your project and what you need for your kitset shed.

All of our kitset sheds are made with durable steel framing that comes with a 50-year warranty. Once we know about your project we’ll develop a customised plan designed just for you to make it easy for you to construct your shed.

Here we’ll include some pricing guidelines so you can have a general idea of how much each shed type will cost. Please note that pricing is indicative and depends on many factors such as location, weather conditions, and customisation and is GST exclusive.


A garage can be a safe and secure place to store your vehicles and valuables while also protecting them from the harsh weather. Simple garages are both affordable and easy to build.

A Garage at 6m x 6m x 2.7m with a gable pitch starts from $15,000.

Download a sample garage design.

Workshop or Storage Shed

Our most popular design, this steel-framed kit set has a skillion pitch roof and can be used for workshops, storage sheds, and many other applications.

A Storage Shed or Workshop at 12m x 9m x 3m starts from $26,675.

Download a storage shed sample design.

Heritage Barn

Our heritage barns come in an American and Australian Barn variants. The American barn has a multi-tiered roof that is ideal for sections like stables. An Australian Barn design is similar except that it has a single-piece roof. This simpler design means it costs slightly less to build and is a bit simpler to construct.

An Australian Barn at 12m x 12m starts from $32,889 and an American Barn starts from $35,910. This includes 2 roller doors and a personal access door.

Download an Australian Barn sample design.

Download an American Barn sample design.

Wintering Pad

Wintering pads provide cover for your herd and provide a safe place for them to eat while also protecting the feed and equipment from the elements. They can be built in sizes to accommodate any size herd.

A Wintering Pad at 12m x 60m x 3.2m with a skillion pitch roof starts from $76,495.

Download a Wintering Pad sample design.

Commercial Storage Unit

One excellent use for our steel-framed kitset sheds is to use them as a large storage unit. A storage unit can be used to keep your materials safe and secure. They come in several size options so can fit personal equipment all the way up to recreational vehicles like campervans.

A Commercial Storage Unit at 40m x 8m x 3m starts from $79,155. This includes 10 roller doors with internal wall partitions between the bays.

Download a Commercial Storage Unit sample design.

Dairy Shed

Our dairy sheds can be used for any size operation, from small family farms to corporate farms and everything in between. They have options to be fully or partially enclosed and can have wall heights up to 6 metres.

A Dairy Shed at 24m x 24m x 3.6m starts from $92,700.

Download a Dairy Shed sample design.

Wintering Barn

A wintering barn is ideal for protecting the herd against the elements. Typically these will be quite large to have enough room for a large herd. Because of their size they may require some additional equipment to fully construct.

An Enclosed Wintering Barn at 42m x 100m starts from $395,000

Download a Wintering Barn sample design.

Factors that affect Kitset Shed Prices

For the most basic builds, you can expect to pay around the amounts listed for each different kind of shed. So what are some factors that may increase the price? Several things to keep in mind include:

  • The slope of the building area. Flat surfaces are simpler and allow for a more straightforward design and build.
  • Wind zones. In some regions with high winds, additional stability is required to ensure that the shed can withstand high winds. This additional support structure will increase the final cost of the kitset.
  • Snow loading. If the shed is in a snow zone, it will need to be able to withstand snow loading on the roof, which will add to the price.
  • Permits and Build. Depending on what you’re building and where you’re building, you may need to acquire permits and tools for building. While these don’t increase the price of the shed directly, they can be important factors to keep in mind.

Get a personalised quote for your kitset shed today

Looking to get a specific price for one of these sheds or one of our many other options? Then simply fill out a quote form or contact us today and let us know what you’re looking for. Then we’ll get back to you with your quote including free design specifications.

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