Kitset Shed Prices in NZ


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Kitset Shed Prices will depend on the size, materials used, and quality of the finished product. Kitset shed Prices can range from as little as $30000 right up to over $500,000+.

At Sheds Direct, we offer highly-customisable kitset sheds made in New Zealand, from quality NZ Steel, that can be built for practically any purpose. While this makes them extremely versatile, it also makes it nearly impossible to give accurate pricing without knowing more about your project and what you need for your kitset shed.

All of our kitset sheds are made with durable steel framing that comes with a 50-year warranty. Once we know about your project we’ll develop a customised plan designed just for you to make it easy for you to construct your shed.

Here we’ll include some pricing guidelines so you can have a general idea of how much each shed type will cost. Please note that pricing is indicative and depends on many factors such as location, weather conditions, and customisation and is GST exclusive.


A garage can be a safe and secure place to store your vehicles and valuables while also protecting them from the harsh weather. Simple garages are both affordable and easy to build.

A Garage at 6m x 6m x 2.7m with a gable pitch starts from $15,000.

Download a sample garage design.

Workshop or Storage Shed

Our most popular design, this steel-framed kit set has a skillion pitch roof and can be used for workshops, storage sheds, and many other applications.

A Storage Shed or Workshop at 12m x 9m x 3m starts from $26,675.

Download a storage shed sample design.

Heritage Barn

Our heritage barns come in an American and Australian Barn variants. The American barn has a multi-tiered roof that is ideal for sections like stables. An Australian Barn design is similar except that it has a single-piece roof. This simpler design means it costs slightly less to build and is a bit simpler to construct.

An Australian Barn at 12m x 12m starts from $32,889 and an American Barn starts from $35,910. This includes 2 roller doors and a personal access door.

Download an Australian Barn sample design.

Download an American Barn sample design.

Wintering Pad

Wintering pads provide cover for your herd and provide a safe place for them to eat while also protecting the feed and equipment from the elements. They can be built in sizes to accommodate any size herd.

A Wintering Pad at 12m x 60m x 3.2m with a skillion pitch roof starts from $76,495.

Download a Wintering Pad sample design.

Commercial Storage Unit

One excellent use for our steel-framed kitset sheds is to use them as a large storage unit. A storage unit can be used to keep your materials safe and secure. They come in several size options so can fit personal equipment all the way up to recreational vehicles like campervans.

A Commercial Storage Unit at 40m x 8m x 3m starts from $79,155. This includes 10 roller doors with internal wall partitions between the bays.

Download a Commercial Storage Unit sample design.

Dairy Shed

Our dairy sheds can be used for any size operation, from small family farms to corporate farms and everything in between. They have options to be fully or partially enclosed and can have wall heights up to 6 metres.

A Dairy Shed at 24m x 24m x 3.6m starts from $92,700.

Download a Dairy Shed sample design.

Wintering Barn

A wintering barn is ideal for protecting the herd against the elements. Typically these will be quite large to have enough room for a large herd. Because of their size they may require some additional equipment to fully construct.

An Enclosed Wintering Barn at 42m x 100m starts from $395,000

Download a Wintering Barn sample design.

Factors that affect Kitset Shed Prices

For the most basic builds, you can expect to pay around the amounts listed for each different kind of shed. So what are some factors that may increase the price? Several things to keep in mind include:

  • The slope of the building area. Flat surfaces are simpler and allow for a more straightforward design and build.
  • Wind zones. In some regions with high winds, additional stability is required to ensure that the shed can withstand high winds. This additional support structure will increase the final cost of the kitset.
  • Snow loading. If the shed is in a snow zone, it will need to be able to withstand snow loading on the roof, which will add to the price.
  • Permits and Build. Depending on what you’re building and where you’re building, you may need to acquire permits and tools for building. While these don’t increase the price of the shed directly, they can be important factors to keep in mind.

Get a personalised quote for your kitset shed today

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