Finding sheds for sale in NZ for your budget


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When looking for sheds for sale in NZ that fit your budget, it’s helpful to know what types of sheds fit what you have to spend. If you want a high-quality steel kitset shed, you’ll want a budget of around $15k minimum. For less than that some shed manufacturers will have kit sets for small garden sheds and utility sheds, but nothing like dairy sheds or commercial workshops.

So finding the right sheds for sale in NZ depends first and foremost on your budget. We have a breakdown of shed types to consider depending on what you have to spend.

Sheds for sale under $5,000

If your budget is under $5,000, most steel-framed sheds won’t be an option. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have choices. You won’t likely be able to find a shed that functions as a sleepout but there are plenty of options for storage sheds and utility-type sheds.

You might even find some metal sheds available, though they likely won’t be steel-framed. Instead, they’ll be made from plastic or aluminium panelling and the framing will be made of something like timber. For smaller budgets and light usage, this may be exactly what you need.

The cheapest sheds are somewhere around the $1000 price point. These will be for around 1 sqm of space, enough to hold tools and a smaller mower or something similar. They aren’t particularly durable but they can keep items out of the elements.

Looking around the $5000 to $15000 budget

With a higher budget, you’ll start to see speciality sheds become available. Most steel-framed sheds still won’t fit in this range, but you may find some with steel panelling.

If you go with a wood shed, you can get one that’s a decent size for under 15 grand. These will be a few sqm and can function as workspaces, storage areas, and sleepouts. These wood sheds aren’t as durable as metal like steel but they may be suitable for casual use. You can find sheds like these from The Wooden Shed Company.

Sheds priced within the $15000 to $50000 budget

If you have a budget over $15,000 and are looking for sheds for sale in NZ, you’ll have plenty of options. You can get large storage sheds or workshops with top-quality steel framing.

Steel-framed kit set barns in several designs also fall into this range. At the higher end of the range, you can customise a 12m x 12m heritage barn and get multiple roller doors and other add-ons. Many of the sheds we have available at Sheds Direct can fit into this budget, not including large rural and commercial kit sets.

Higher end $50000 to $100,000 budget

Sheds falling into this range are high-end sheds typically used for common rural and commercial use. Large barns and wintering pads can help make small farms more effective and easier to manage. You can also get commercial-level storage sheds with multiple roller doors and partitions.

Most designs in this range will allow for plenty of room for customisation. You can add windows, customise colours, change roof types, and add accessories to fit your needs.

Over $100,000 budget

Kit set sheds for sale in NZ that are above $100,000 will usually be top-of-the-line sheds for specialist use. These kinds of sheds will typically be very large sheds for commercial or industrial use, such as commercial workshops.

Some types of sheds we design at this range are our aircraft hangers and wintering sheds. These sheds can get quite expansive and can be designed for purpose to suit whatever you need with nearly unlimited customisation.

When should you choose Shed Direct for your kit set sheds?

If you want a long-lasting and versatile steel-framed shed, we can help. Our sheds start at the $15000 range for a small garage with a gable pitch, and we can design anything upwards from there. All of our sheds are made from NZ steel and come with a 50-year warranty on steel framing. Our free quotes include design and can include site-specific engineering and engineered drawings for your local council if needed.

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