Comfortable quarters

Sleepouts in NZ are a popular option for friends and family to stay when they’re visiting.

They also work well as an extra room or workstation away from the main dwelling.

30 Year Warranty Image 15 Year Warranty Image Color Steel NZ steel

A detached sleepout is a great way to accommodate visitors or if your house is getting a bit full. Smaller sleepouts don’t require a building consent, so are a quick and easy way to add an extra room for any reason.

Some uses for sleepout sheds include:

  • Extra Bedroom
  • Workshop for outdoor projects
  • Art Studio
  • Lounge area
  • Dwelling for rental income
  • Music studio
  • Summer Entertainment area

All of our kitset sheds are made from NZ steel and come with a 30-year warranty on the framing with 15 years for COLORSTEEL®.

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