What is a lifestyle shed?


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If you’ve looked at property in NZ, you’ve no doubt come across the term “lifestyle property” before. But what exactly does that mean? And what is a lifestyle shed?

There is no official definition of a lifestyle block, yet many people have a general idea of what it means when seeing the term. Some real estate agencies use it to mean that is in a desirable location or a house that’s above average size.

Most commonly, a lifestyle block is a rural or semi-rural property on a large block of land. These can be small hobby farms that have a few animals but are not commercial enterprises. They’re somewhere in between a farm and a standard residential home, striking the balance of open spaces and urban and rural living.

So what is a lifestyle shed?

The simplest definition of a lifestyle shed is that it’s a shed that goes on a lifestyle property. It’s a shed that helps improve your overall property by adding functionality or simplifying things you already do. These sheds could be used for extra storage, to protect valuable equipment from the elements, or as a place for animals to rest. Lifestyle sheds are about maximising or optimising your space to get the most usage out of your property.

Professionals Real Estate explains lifestyle blocks as “If you can mow the lawns with a hand mower, it’s a residential property. If you need a ride on, it’s a lifestyle block – and further, if you need a tractor, it’s a farm.”

Many of the kit set sheds we have at Sheds Direct can work as lifestyle sheds. We can help you create a custom shed to suit your needs. Below are some types of lifestyle sheds we commonly get enquiries about.


An excellent addition for properties with a few farm animals, our barns come in a few shapes and sizes. Choose from the Heritage Barn and customise your colours, doors, partitions, and more.

These barns are also a great place to store vehicles and equipment that you might need around the property. Roller doors can give you quick access and personal access doors can be small enough for people to enter and exit but not animals.

Storage Sheds

Having extra storage means that you can have all of the gear and equipment you need for your property close at hand. Storage sheds are fantastic for items that you want quick access to on the property but don’t need to store directly at the main dwelling. These steel sheds can protect your goods from the elements as well as intruders.

Storage sheds start at 12m x 9m x 3m and increase from there to as large as you need. With precise adjustments of 100mm, your kit set shed can be the perfect lifestyle shed for your property when you’re looking to add storage.


Ideal for storing farm and recreational vehicles, a kit set garage can help keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. You can keep a backup car in the garage, a riding mower, or speciality equipment for your lifestyle property.

Our garages come in multiple varieties. You can get garages with workshops, single, double or multi-doors and various roof types.


Sleepouts help you add an extra living area on your property. These are suitable for home offices or for when visitors stop by so they can have their own space.

Our kit set sheds work great as sleepouts. Like our other sheds, sleepouts come with a 50-year warranty on structural framing and a 15-year warranty on Coloursteel.

Get a custom lifestyle shed

If you’re looking for a lifestyle shed for your property, our team can help. Our quality, affordable kit set sheds can be customised to fit your specific needs and purposes and, we can deliver anywhere in NZ. Contact us to get a FREE quote today, with design included.