3 Benefits of Kitset Sheds


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Kit set sheds are a popular option in New Zealand, and can have many different uses. If you’re looking to add a shed to your property you’ll often have the option to have it fully built or kit set shed. Most Steel Sheds are Kit Set Sheds these days and whether you buy your Sheds direct from a manufacturer or Factory, or from a builder there are still a number of benefits for choosing a kit set option.

So what are some benefits of kit set sheds and are they right for you?

Kit set Sheds defined

The simple definition of a kit set shed is that it’s a set of pieces with everything you need to put it together, based on a pre-designed plan. A complete kit will include all components and step-by-step instructions. Some may require you to get your own fasteners, but a good instruction guide will make that clear upfront and let you know exactly what you need.

Depending on the size and location of the shed, you may have the option to build it yourself. Or you may be required to have a licensed building practioner to put it together for you. Because a builder will have the experience and the right tools on hand, this is a good choice if you want the build to go smoothly.

1. Building without a permit

Recent changes to legislation have expanded the options for building and in some cases may eliminate the need for a permit. Single-storey structures up to 30 m2 can be built without a permit. So this covers a large portion of kit set sheds.

Having no permit means the process will be quicker, so you also won’t need council approval to build or oversee the progress.

There are still certain conditions, however, where a permit is required regardless of the size. An example of this is when the shed will need electricity. The structure needs a permit and all electrical work must be done and signed off by a registered electrician. The same goes for plumbing work; a permit is required and a licensed plumber must do all the plumbing work.

For a full run-down of building requirements and exemptions, see this Building consent exemptions FAQ from building.govt.nz.

2. Many different uses for Kit set Sheds

Kitset sheds can be used for practically anything you can think of. Some common uses are:

Kit set shed materials

Kitset sheds come in many different materials such as wood or metal. Wooden sheds tend to be less expensive than metals like steel. But, aluminum and steel sheds tend to last much longer and be more resistant to the elements.

3. Easy to build and affordable

One of the main benefits of kit set sheds is that they are easy to put together without needing specialised tools. Many smaller sheds–and even some of the larger ones–can be put together without special equipment. Guides are straightforward and easy to follow making construction quick.

Since you put together the shed yourself, they tend to be significantly more affordable than pre-built sheds. With these savings you can opt for a high-quality steel shed–or maybe get more than one!

Kit set Sheds Direct

At Sheds Direct, we focus on steel-framed sheds designed exclusively for the New Zealand market. We’ve found that these sheds are versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects from rural to industrial use.

We offer free quotes and designs so we can do our best to ensure our pricing won’t be beaten. All of our steel framing comes with a 30-year warranty and we can offer engineered drawings for your local council if consent is needed. So get in touch with us today and get a free quote and design for your steel kit set shed.