How far from the boundary can I build a Shed?


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Kitset sheds are an excellent way to add more space for storage or an extra living or work area to a property. However, you can’t simply build a shed wherever you want, especially for larger structures. One question we get asked often is “How far from the boundary can I build a Shed?” It’s a good question but unfortunately, one that can have a complex answer.

Rules for building consents

In August of 2020, updated rules for building consents came into effect. Before that, you needed a consent for almost all kinds of structures, including kitset sheds. This made building kitsets challenging, and for some people who wanted to put together smaller sheds, getting the proper building consent wasn’t worth the trouble.

Now, there are exemptions for low-risk buildings like sleepouts and carports. Single-storey detached buildings are the main kinds of structures that no longer need a building consent. As long as the floor area is less than 30 square metres (40 square metres for carports) then you can build it yourself without a consent.

You can see the full building consent exemption rules from Building Performance NZ.

Building consents and boundaries

When you don’t need a building consent, that might seem like you can just build a shed wherever you want. This isn’t the case, however. Any sheds that you build still need to follow the building code, which means they must adhere to specific rules. You can’t, for instance, include cooking facilities in a sleepout shed due to fire risks.

If you aren’t familiar with the building code in NZ, it’s probably best for you to work with a builder instead. Building something illegally, whether intentional or not, will hit you with an infringement fine of several hundred dollars right away and fines can go up to a maximum of $200,000 if the offence proceeds through the courts.

One of these offences can be building too close to the boundary, so it’s essential you know how far from the boundary you can build a shed before starting the construction.

So how far from the boundary can I build a shed?

Most buildings that are up to 30 metres need to be built or supervised by a Licensed Building Practitioner, who will ensure that everything is done properly. They will make sure that the shed is far enough away from the boundary.

However, with Kit set sheds, the rules are different if the design has been reviewed by a Chartered Professional Engineer. In these cases, you may be able to construct the set yourself as long as it meets building code rules.

The exact distance from the boundary you need to build your shed will vary from council to council.

So depending on where you live, the exact distance from the boundary where you can build a shed will vary. Be sure to get in touch with your local council to check this distance as well as any other additional considerations you need to keep in mind when building in your area.

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