Different Kinds of NZ Sheds


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There are many different kinds of sheds in NZ. Sheds can be made from different materials such as steel, wood/plastic composite, and timber. They also come in many styles like pole sheds and Australian barn style. 

At Sheds Direct, we’ve chosen to focus exclusively on steel sheds as we believe they are the most versatile and longest-lasting. While our sheds come in a few primary designs, they can be adapted to fit almost any situation. 

Our kitset sheds work for rural, residential, and industrial applications–and probably have more uses too. Take a look at some of the examples for using the different kinds of NZ sheds.

Rural sheds

It’s no secret that farming is a huge industry in NZ. Whether you have a farm or simply live a rural lifestyle, a kitset shed may be an excellent item to complement your activities.

Here are some ideas for how to use a kitset shed for rural properties

Dairy Sheds

A kitset shed is an excellent way to protect you farm animals and equipment. These can be built to accommodate any size operation including space for both equipment and cows. Dairy sheds are a safe and secure way to keep your dairy operation going smooth.

Machinery and Storage sheds

Some rural equipment can be quite large and bulky so it’s helpful to have a durable place to it. Storage sheds can be kept tightly locked with roller doors with slots for locks. Or if accessibility is more important, machinery sheds have the option for an open bay on one side for quick and easy access to important equipment.

Horse Stables and Wintering Sheds

Kitset sheds have a lot of different uses for a farm. For example, they can be built as a horse stable, with design options for both enclosed stables and open front stables.

Kitset sheds also make excellent Wintering Sheds. Farm animals can make use of them doing the cool time of the year and you can store equipment in them when it’s warm out.


There are a couple of different options for barns for kitset sheds in NZ that are a great choice for rural use. Heritage barns are in the American style and have options for different colours and door types. If you prefer an Australian style barn kitsets work well for those too. Hay barns are another option with open bays for quick access.


Kitset sheds in NZ are also suitable for residential use. Here are a few ideas for using a shed at a residential property.

Extra Storage

If you need extra storage or want some items stored away from the main dwelling, putting up a durable kitset shed is a good solution. Sizes range from a small utility shed to large, multi-door garages that can fit recreational vehicles like campervans.


Sleepouts help you have extra living spaces for when friends and family come to visit; or if you need a workspace away from the house. Many sleepouts can now be built without council consent as long as certain conditions are met (no cooking units for example).


Carports can be added on to some shed styles to add protection for your car. They can be attached to a storage unit for instance that has tools and equipment. Fully enclosed garages are another option for vehicles.


Some kitset sheds can help with your business and commercial operations a too. Here are some examples for using a kitset shed in a commercial setting.

Storage Units and Workshops

Storage Units can be one large building or multiple smaller units with individual bays depending on your preference and plans for usage. For the individual option there are divider doors and security features to keep them separate and private.

Aircraft Hangers

As a big investment, it’s important to have a safe and functional place to store your small aircraft. A kitset shed can be designed specifically for this purpose with lengths of up to 24 metres so you can have plenty of room to manoeuvre your craft.

Many more options

Along with the options listed here there are many other ways to use the different kinds of sheds in NZ. At Sheds Direct, our kitset sheds are made from high-quality NZ steel. They also come with a 50-year structural framing warranty and a 15-year warranty on ColorSteel.

We can also help you with design and layout for your project as part of our free quote. To find out more to get your quote, call or contact us today.