Sheds Direct Canterbury

Sheds Direct Canterbury

Conway Woods Construction

Conway Woods Construction specializes in a diverse range of construction projects, including industrial, commercial, rural, and residential shed structures in Canterbury.

Led by the seasoned expertise of Dan Woods, who boasts 15 years in significant construction projects, Conway Woods Construction has cemented its reputation as a prominent player in the industry. Commencing operations in 2019, the company has consistently displayed unwavering dedication, completing a variety of medium to large commercial projects across the southern island with notable proficiency.

With a skilled team of versatile carpenters, Conway Woods Construction is your all-in-one solution provider. This smart approach cuts down on relying too much on outside subcontractors, making sure they stick to your budget and timeline. Additionally, Conway Woods Construction is all about thinking outside the box. Instead of doing things the usual way, they find creative, budget-friendly answers that fit what you need. The outcome? Structures that combine affordability with unwavering quality.

Whether it’s a rural shed or a large-scale commercial endeavour, Conway Woods Construction consistently exceeds expectations. Their commitment to delivering outstanding results is evident in every project they undertake. If you’re looking for an expertise-driven and client-centric construction company, Conway Woods Construction is the way to go.

Choose Conway Woods Construction for all your construction needs in Canterbury – your trusted partner for quality and craftsmanship. With a proven track record and innovative approach, they stand ready to bring your construction vision to life.


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